Materials used:brass, solid oak, ash, elm, plum, apple, cumaru, mahogany, wenge, etc.

Wooden headphone stand "unika"

This is the collection of unique eye-catching headphone stands which will definitely add some style points to your room. This is a one-of-a-kind original piece involving hours of woodturning, hand carving and pyrography.

melodeko unika headphone stands are the ones that differ from each other the most. This is the result of unrestricted freestyle  design withoutno drawings and almost no measuring. All that matters is the beauty of wood. 

The shape of the stand is mimicking the shape of a human head, however, it is specifically a little bit narrower in order not to give the headphones too much pressure. This type of headphone stand is the safest for headphones. 

The stand comes fully assembled a in satin bag making it a perfect gift choice.  

Where to buy?

This model is usually available at melodeko Etsy shop, hovever, if you prefer different wood type, color or have any other requirements, feel free to contact for a custom order.