A Proud Wood Addict

Tomas Zilinskas, owner and maker of melodeko

The images of both a living tree and a piece of wood transforming into a finished wooden product evoke emotions in me knowing that each of them is unique and has a story behind them. I believe audio furniture and accessories made of real natural materials can enhance our appreciation of music. Works for me at least.

Each of melodeko crafts involves hours of hand work with jazz music in the background. The money I get selling my crafts only allows me to support this rather costly hobby but that’s enough for me. The real joy for me is making original pieces and waiting till they find their customer who sees them the way I do. Even if this wait takes ages. I don’t think I would like to live solely out of woodworking ending up chasing the money out of necessity just like every other job.

When choosing timber for my crafts I particularly enjoy bright grain, color variations, natural knots, cracks and other perfect imperfections. That sad beauty has so much emotional value. To make furniture and accessories sustainable and almost timeless I prefer to use hardwood such as oak, ash, elm, beech, maple, some exotic mahogany or even fruit trees.

Tomas Zilinskas, maker and owner of melodeko