The purchases of a wood junkie in 2023

No matter how tired I am of Facebook ads, I have to be grateful for a few things I’ve purchased thanks to advertising this year. Maybe not the first necessity, but they are very nice to have.

VEJRHØJ Sakura wristwatch


I’ve wanted a wooden watch for a long time, but so far all the ones I’ve seen were disappointing in regards of their design. Most of them were either very thick, lacking in grace, old-fashioned design, or just the opposite – too defiant in appearance. Therefore, when I saw the advert of previously to me unknown Danish manufacturer VEJRHØJ I was immediately impressed by their watches. Well, they are not wooden in the true sense of the word, but the natural wood and stainless steel accents used in the design are enough to make these watches stand out from the gray crowd. I really like the clean look of the design that combines Scandinavian minimalist elegance with a touch of modern luxury.  Also, the presentation of the company and its values seems very close to my own perception of what melodeko means to me.
It was a spontaneous purchase – as soon as I saw the advertisement, I simply knew that I had to have such a watch. Picking the model was a rather difficult task – each of them was very appealing. Anyway, I ended up getting the Sakura model embodying a combination of cherry wood, stainless steel and dark brown leather. The fascination did not disappear after unpacking the watch on Christmas morning – it is just as beautiful as in the photos. And I have a feeling that this might be not my last VEJRHØJ watch…

Prosawood wooden sunglasses

The Facebook algorithms correctly guessed that I might also be interested in the products of the Estonian company Prosawood. Prosawood also makes wooden watches, but the design is way different from those of VEJRHØJ. Tastes differ, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you like it or not.


So I bought a pair of wooden sunglasses. I chose perhaps the least sophisticated Classic Walnut model without any additional bells and whistles – just the natural beauty of walnut. Well, for those who prefer a bolder design, Prosawood definitely has something to offer – a few options for the frames themselves, as well as patterns and shades of the lenses. The frames can even be custom engraved.
The manufacturing quality is impeccable – I have worn the sunglasses for the entire summer season and so far there are no visible signs of use, which makes it very easy to recommend them.

By the way, Prosawood also produces corrective optical glasses with wooden frames of even higher quality.

Sash Tres 45 – planar headphones from Ukraine

Sash-audio headphones are often mentioned in various Facebook headphone enthusiast groups and forums as planar headphones with an exceptional price-quality ratio. Naturally, I was also impressed by the fact that natural wood is used for the earcups. And not just any wood, but oak, which I also use the most in melodeko crafts.
It should be mentioned that these headphones are usually made to order – you are free to choose the color of the wood, cable length and connector type, grill design and several other technical details.

Buying headphones without trying is risky, but I bought them with the idea that even if I were not impressed with the sound quality, It would have been enough for me to show the support to the manufacturer from Ukraine during this difficult time. Still, the headphones didn’t disappoint either in terms of build quality or sound, although I’m sure I haven’t been able to reveal their full potential with the equipment I have. Currently I use Sash Tres headphones as a photo model for the headphones stands I make.

MS knives Sting

I ended up in a Facebook group of Lithuanian knifemakers out of curiosity – I wanted to see what kind of wood my fellow woodworkers use in the production of knife handles. And that’s when the eye caught the works of Modestas Skirmantas (MS Knives).

I liked the look of his pieces so much that I ordered one of his most compact knives, the Sting, to be made for me as well – M390 steel and beautiful Desert Ironwood. This type of wood stands out not only for its impressive patterns, but also for its extreme hardness and stability, making it ideal for making handles.

As the author named it, it is a gentleman’s knife, so it is small enough to carry anywhere.

Disclaimer: this is not an advertisement – I’m just a satisfied customer and I don’t mind sharing a kind word about small businesses to show the support and appreciation for what they do. Sometimes people do that for melodeko too. 

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