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The purchases of a wood junkie in 2023

No matter how tired I am of Facebook ads, I have to be grateful for a few things I've purchased thanks to advertising this year. Maybe not the first necessity, but they are very nice to have.
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Smoked oak vs. wenge

I like exposing white oak wood to amonnia gas in order to obtain a chocolate brown color. Ammonia fumes react with the natural tannins darkening the wood and bringing out the grain. Dark wood blends easily into almost any interior. Until now, I thought I was getting a shade very...
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Hobby as a source of income?

I believe many people dream of a job that gives them pleasure and does not make them emotionally tired. I also dreamed of starting my own business one day and doing only what I enjoy. Those thoughts only intensified when I discovered and immersed myself in woodworking. I make because...
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NVIDIA® Shield® TV Pro plinth

Wooden plinth for NVIDIA® Shield® TV Pro

As usual, most amplifiers, CD and vinyl players, tuners are standard width plus or minus a couple of centimeters. And there’s complete mess on the market as concerns digital-analog converters, phono correctors, headphone amplifiers, media players which come in different shapes and sizes. So how can we arrange them neatly...
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Choosing a headphone stand: what type is the best?

It’s no secret that the biggest headphone enthusiasts can boast really impressive large headphone collections, which often consist of several or even dozens of different models of headphones. This hobby is an endless journey of constant buy-try-sell experience. That way it’s crucial  to keep your stuff in the best possible...
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Shipping furniture abroad

I just had to send the oak audio table I made abroad for the first time. Since I sell all of my furniture assembled and non-dismantling, packing such an item was quite a headache when you know the high risk of not being handled with as much care as you...
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