Materials used:brass and solid oak, ash, elm, plum, apple, cumaru, mahogany, wenge, etc. hardwood

Wooden headphone stand "brila"

A minimalist design headphone stand featuring solid hardwood and brass to add the touch of a modern style. A truly authentic and stylish gift for any music lover.

BRILA is handcrafted of brass and various local and exotic hardwoods (oak, ash, elm, plum, apple, wenge, cumaru, beech, mahogany, etc.).  When custom ordered, the height of the stand is freely selectable which makes it suitable for any headphones on the market. 

Due to the hand-made nature of this piece, minor imperfections and variations in shape and color are to be expected, adding uniqueness and charm.

custom height: ~ 25-32 cm / 9.85 – 12.60 in
headband support depth: ~6.5 cm / 2.56 in

Weight varies depending on the wood type used.

The stand comes fully assembled in a satin bag making it a perfect gift choice.  

Where to buy?

This model is usually available at melodeko Etsy shop, however, if you prefer a different wood type, color or have any other requirements, feel free to contact for a custom order.