I believe many people dream of a job that gives them pleasure and does not make them emotionally tired. I also dreamed of starting my own business one day and doing only what I enjoy. Those thoughts only intensified when I discovered and immersed myself in woodworking. I make because I love wood, its slow transformation into a finished product. Every time it feels indescribably good to watch the result, when an unsightly piece of wood finally reveals its beauty after it is sanded and coated with wood oil.

I like my hobby because it gives me a break from my “real” job. And yet I am only a weekend-evening carpenter. Over time, I realized that I will never want this passion to become the only source of income, because it would eventually become a regular job with no pleasure in the end.

Although I also make things to order, I find it much more enjoyable when I can make something not thinking about any customer. That way I can dive deep into the creation process without stress, without rushing.

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