Wooden plinth for NVIDIA® Shield® TV Pro

NVIDIA® Shield® TV Pro plinth

As usual, most amplifiers, CD and vinyl players, tuners are standard width plus or minus a couple of centimeters. And there’s complete mess on the market as concerns digital-analog converters, phono correctors, headphone amplifiers, media players which come in different shapes and sizes. So how can we arrange them neatly on the audio shelf?

I made an additional wooden case (aka plinth) for my beloved NVIDIA® Shield® TV Pro media player. All that’s left to do is install the legs and it’s ready to go on the audio shelf. I could even hide the media player covering it with wood completely, only leaving the back part exposed to have the access for connecting the cables. That way this small plastic box will no longer look weird placed next to some regular sized equipment, like vintage turntable, for example.

By the way, apart from plinths for turntables, I haven’t seen anything like this, which is a little bit surprising.

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