I just had to send the oak audio table I made abroad for the first time. Since I sell all of my furniture assembled and non-dismantling, packing such an item was quite a headache when you know the high risk of not being handled with as much care as you would like. Therefore, I usually try to deliver furniture in Lithuania in person, even if I have to drive several hundred kilometers.

Since I could not to deliver the furniture to Germany myself, I had to think of a safe way to send it by courier. First, I built a wooden frame, sizing it so that when the table was loaded into this hollow box, there would be a couple of centimeters for soft foam boards on all sides. Later, that whole wooden frame was wrapped with thick corrugated cardboard and finally wrapped in a packing film. I don’t even want to count how many hours it took me 🙂 

I will admit that although it was packed responsibly, this shipment was handed over to the DHL courier with fear. The fear only intensified, seeing how many intermediate stops in Lithuania, Poland and Germany this shipment had to go through. So it was a huge relief when I heard from the customer that the item had reached him safely. Although I am very happy with a friendly customer from Germany, I wish I had more local customers from Lithuania who value natural wood 🙂

Stands for headphones made by me travel  oversees much more often. Often such stands need to reach distant countries – the USA, Canada or even Australia so the packages travel thousands of kilometers. Especially the stand of this model, visible in the photographs, must be packed exclusively responsibly due to its shape. To minimize the risk of product damage, I reinforce the cardboard box from the inside with wooden inserts, and of course I don’t spare the soft materials filling the box. Such a package should already be sufficiently resistant to both falling and compression. So far, all the headphone stands have withstood the challenges of the trip and reached the customers safely.

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